Bands - Safe with Multiple Air Chambers

Preferred by Olympians, Professional Athletes, Doctors and more!

Multi-Air Chamber Design

Bands are the only Multi-Air Chamber Bands (Patented)

  • Does not create a tourniquet effect
  • Does not require a doppler to measure blood flow
  • #1 Bands for Safety - (See Below)
  • #1 Bands for Comfort
  • #1 Bands for Ease of Use
  • Safe as normal exercise for everyone from 8-90 years old
  • Preferred Bands of USA Olympic Teams, Professional Sports Teams and Athletes

When you combine ease of use, with safety, and comfort, the result is the Most Effective BFR Bands for Exercise, Rehab and Athletic Performance.

Multichamber Description Pic

Studies on Bands Prove They Are the Safest