B3 Bands for Neuropathy

Neuropathy Bloodflow

Lack of blood flow can cause peripheral neuropathy. More severe circulation problems can cause serious and permanent nerve damage.

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Neuropathy Bloodflow

Peripheral nerve injuries directly impact blood flow within the nerve, and re-establishing vascular networks is critical in nerve regeneration.

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BFR for Neuropathy

Based on this study, it appears that blood flow restriction therapy seems to be beneficial in neurological disorders without adverse effects.

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The Nitric Oxide Effect

B3 Bands have the potential to help neuropathy due to the Nitric Oxide Effect

When your body builds up lactic acid quickly, it releases something called Nitric Oxide. This makes your blood vessels widen, causing a big rush of blood to flow through your body. This extra blood carries important oxygen to tissues that need it because they've been hurt or stressed before. This rush of blood also helps warm up your body, muscles, and joints.

Here is a great video explaining The Nitric Oxide Effect: Link


BFR Protocol

People with disabilities or neuropathies, should limit wearing Bands to 3 minutes, every other day.

The burn should be initiated within 1 minute with a wall sit or a sit to stand exercise. The patient is encouraged to stay in the burn for 30 seconds, then add more burn time (15 seconds) per week.

Exercise videos for people with severe disability:

Lower Body (Calves & Sit to Stand): Link
Upper Body: Link 
Upper Body Wheelchair: Link

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