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B3 Nutrition Products | Enhancing Health and Performance

At B3 we harness cutting-edge technologies to create our powdered nutrition products.

Backed by a manufacturing team with over a century of combined experience in product formulation and production, we've discovered the immense advantages of using only the finest powdered ingredients. This commitment ensures that our products consistently meet the highest standards of quality.

Prepare to be delighted by the exceptional taste and transformative results of our products!

Dr. Mike DeBord
CEO and Founder B3 Sciences

Benefits of Ready to Mix Nutrition Products

No Preservatives

We avoid preservatives because they can harm your body and diminish the effectiveness of our supplements. This is why we opt for powder in our products.

Unique Formulations

Using powders allows us to blend ingredients that typically wouldn't mix in liquid form. This enables our team to craft distinctive formulas that are highly effective and exclusive to B3.

Enhanced Effectiveness

Unlike liquid supplements that lose nutritional value when sealed, our Ready to Mix powders preserve ingredients in their natural state for maximum absorption.

Extended Freshness

Powdered vitamins have a longer shelf life compared to their liquid counterparts, which degrade over time. Additionally, liquid nutrients can harbor bacteria, while B3 powders stay fresh longer, ensuring peak effectiveness.


We avoid gelatin capsules, which are made from animal byproducts and can cause digestive issues and allergic reactions. Our products are free from gelatin for your health and convenience.

On-the-Go Convenience

Our products are designed for use anywhere – at home, work, the gym, or while traveling. All you need is water and a shaker cup to enjoy your favorite B3 Nutrition Product.

Delightful Taste

We craft delightful flavors because our products are fresh, preservative-free, and maintain their powdered form until mixed with water.

Future Nutrition Products

The Science Advisory Board along with our manufacturing team has already been researching new products for our  RTM line. Future categories include:

Pre and Post Workout

Elite Athletic Performance

Immune System SuperFood

Kids Formulas

Women’s Formulas

Senior Formulas


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